Being Lazy

 Being Lazy

Days are lazy,
Nights are lonely,

Sleep is all I do these days.

Wasting my time here and there,
I always end up being nowhere.

I better concentrate on my to do list,
As that’s the only way I will find an exist.

Don’t wait for tomorrow,
As I don’t want anymore sorrow.



What is Pcos?


A lot of females like me don’t really know what is PCOS and doctor doesn’t make you aware of what are you diagnosed with and how to overcome the problem what you are facing in your monthly cycle.

PCOS is Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome where there are multiple ovarian cysts in an ovary. (Ovaries surrounded with multiple tiny cyst) This leads to irregularity of periods and hormonal imbalance which again leads to major disease like type 2 diabetes, thyroid, high blood pressure, obesity and infertility, if not taken proper care. Every female body differs with its symptoms and with proper treatment one can control it.

There is no evidence of how is one diagnosed with pcos but as far as I can tell with my experience is that it might be due to the unhealthy lifestyle where I used to consume junk food everyday. There was no proper nutrient intake and no exercise.

Slowly I stopped having my monthly cycles and eventually could see the difference in my weight, I had gained five kg in few months. I didn’t really care about anything those days and that lead to symptoms of pcos which I will explain in my next post.


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A Cold Fish


I tried my best to stay away,

But that didn’t work anyway.

How about I change the talks and be clean?

And in that way I wont be mean.

I wished I found you three years back,

Then there wouldn’t be any relationship crack.

Now when things are not the way I wish,

Its good for us if I act like cold fish.


Life experiences

Unexpected things happening these days,
never thought it would go this way.

I was wrong for things I thought and assumed,
maybe knowing more is the way I presume.

This makes me feel to move along,
I am pleased to know that I am wrong.

Some more good things I came to know,
And I am happy to know more and more.

I am excited to finally start a personal blog where I share my thoughts and experiences but was confused about the first post so shared a poem written by me which even surprises me at times.

I am describing my life with this short poem which exactly says what goes on in my life. We all experience things which are at times hard to handle and sometimes we learn a lesson and move on!  Whereas experience are always treasured as memories and shared with our loved ones.

– Manu