Twist roll tweezers – Review

I have facial hair since my childhood days but once I was diagnosed with pcos I could see more dark thick facial hairs on my face. When I first saw the difference I was shocked that this one of the symptoms of pcos is affecting me now, my whole face slowly was covered with thick hairs which made my face look more dark and dull. It was visible if one observed my face well. It was embarrassing as being female I wanted to have a beautiful face and this thing was ruining my face. I couldn’t take it but I researched a lot and couldn’t find anything that could help me out, mostly was looking for some home remedies that could make a difference but nothing worked. I tried few mask but it didn’t do what it claimed so started looking for other options.

Had heard about laser treatment was expensive and skeptical about it, so went this cheap and painful method to see how that will remove the facial hairs and it did work for me. I bought it online and it was cheap. I watched few videos to check how to do it and get the reviews about the product and finally used it. It was more like treading but doing it with a spring by ourselves. It was painful as those hairs were so thick and they were coming out.The different can be seen with before and after photos and yes acne or hair bums may  arise but fades in two or three days.

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Though the pain did it work, I saw the difference and it was pretty good, could clear almost all my thick facial hairs and it took me around an hour half for the first time as I was slow and couldn’t bear the pain when the hairs were being plucked by it. My cheeks were red and I washed my face with mild scrub and then pat dry, applied moisturizer cream. I found this helpful and now I continue doing it, hairs does grow due to hormonal imbalance but it takes time like for me in two months hairs are fully grown but it may differ from  person to person. I am planning to buy a electric tweezers in future but for now I will work on my thick facial hairs with this.-Manu