What is Pcos?


A lot of females like me don’t really know what is PCOS and doctor doesn’t make you aware of what are you diagnosed with and how to overcome the problem what you are facing in your monthly cycle.

PCOS is Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome where there are multiple ovarian cysts in an ovary. (Ovaries surrounded with multiple tiny cyst) This leads to irregularity of periods and hormonal imbalance which again leads to major disease like type 2 diabetes, thyroid, high blood pressure, obesity and infertility, if not taken proper care. Every female body differs with its symptoms and with proper treatment one can control it.

There is no evidence of how is one diagnosed with pcos but as far as I can tell with my experience is that it might be due to the unhealthy lifestyle where I used to consume junk food everyday. There was no proper nutrient intake and no exercise.

Slowly I stopped having my monthly cycles and eventually could see the difference in my weight, I had gained five kg in few months. I didn’t really care about anything those days and that lead to symptoms of pcos which I will explain in my next post.


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I Miss You

When I close my eyes I see you,

When I close my eyes I feel you.

You are my heart, you are my soul,

You will always be there to ache.

No matter where I go and what I do,

I will always miss you.

– Manu

What do I miss about my childhood?

I am little scared as I really don’t know how to put words to my childhood memories. We all have been in this stage of life where we all experience most of the innocent thing happening around us. Childhood days are the most wonderful days in everyone’s life and I am sure everyone enjoy these days to the core.

What do I miss about my childhood?

There are many things I miss from my childhood days. Waking up in the morning with the kiss and pamper from mom, getting chocolates and ice creams from dad, blessings of elders, doing silly mistakes, not worrying or thinking about anything in your life, playing all time with friends, sleeping everyday not thinking what’s tomorrow going to be like. So in short Living the Moment.

These are things which I miss but more I miss being social.

During my school days I had good number of friends, and they were good friends I can say. I played many outdoor games with my school friends, we used to share all our little secrets and laugh on our stupid talks. We loved sitting on the terrace and watch the sky for hours. I miss my friends a lot and the time which I had spent with them.  But I loved being part of each and every thing. I used to participate in many other cultural activities such as singing, dancing, rangoli, art, drawing and painting.

Even being in India and following an Hindu religion we have ample of festivals in a year, it seems like your whole year is accompanied with some or the other festival which we do celebrate and I have enjoyed all the festivals in a wonderful way being child. Even I used to go for swim class during my summer holidays.

Life was different when I was a kid. Memories from Childhood are the best memories ever.


Awareness about PCOS

hope-pcos-awareness-ribbon-with-butterflyDuring 2009 I started having irregular periods. I had no idea why that was happening with me, I decided to visit my family doctor and she just prescribed me some medication which will help me to get my periods back to normal for six months. That didn’t help me as without medication I never got my periods on the basis of regular cycle, so I switched another doctor and this time it was gynecologist which she had recommended. After sonography test came we came to know it was Polycystic Ovary Syndrome.

This gynecologist didn’t make me aware about what I am suffering from and just started the medications which lead to side effects in two days due to heavy dosage, so decided to stop the medication and looked for another doctor.

For next six months I was unable to find a gynecologist who would make me aware about how to overcome the irregular periods and what is exactly I am diagnosed with. Finally met a doctor who not only made me aware about what I am suffering from but also advise me how to overcome this problem. Those days I was into depression, had mood swings and hardly was able to keep up conversation with anyone.

After three months of medication with different test made a difference in my period cycle and it was slowly getting back to normal. She made me aware inner happiness is also required with medication so started meeting few friends and gradually I could see a change within me.

I came to know apart from proper medication, lifestyle has to be changed with eating right and exercise. So did I change my eating habits and stop having junk foods for a while, that did help me to gain regular periods. This is how I started reading more articles about what I am diagnosed with and how to overcome this.

And so the journey begins!

– Manu

Life experiences

Unexpected things happening these days,
never thought it would go this way.

I was wrong for things I thought and assumed,
maybe knowing more is the way I presume.

This makes me feel to move along,
I am pleased to know that I am wrong.

Some more good things I came to know,
And I am happy to know more and more.

I am excited to finally start a personal blog where I share my thoughts and experiences but was confused about the first post so shared a poem written by me which even surprises me at times.

I am describing my life with this short poem which exactly says what goes on in my life. We all experience things which are at times hard to handle and sometimes we learn a lesson and move on!  Whereas experience are always treasured as memories and shared with our loved ones.

– Manu