Being Lazy

 Being Lazy

Days are lazy,
Nights are lonely,

Sleep is all I do these days.

Wasting my time here and there,
I always end up being nowhere.

I better concentrate on my to do list,
As that’s the only way I will find an exist.

Don’t wait for tomorrow,
As I don’t want anymore sorrow.



I Miss You

When I close my eyes I see you,

When I close my eyes I feel you.

You are my heart, you are my soul,

You will always be there to ache.

No matter where I go and what I do,

I will always miss you.

– Manu

What do I miss about my childhood?

I am little scared as I really don’t know how to put words to my childhood memories. We all have been in this stage of life where we all experience most of the innocent thing happening around us. Childhood days are the most wonderful days in everyone’s life and I am sure everyone enjoy these days to the core.

What do I miss about my childhood?

There are many things I miss from my childhood days. Waking up in the morning with the kiss and pamper from mom, getting chocolates and ice creams from dad, blessings of elders, doing silly mistakes, not worrying or thinking about anything in your life, playing all time with friends, sleeping everyday not thinking what’s tomorrow going to be like. So in short Living the Moment.

These are things which I miss but more I miss being social.

During my school days I had good number of friends, and they were good friends I can say. I played many outdoor games with my school friends, we used to share all our little secrets and laugh on our stupid talks. We loved sitting on the terrace and watch the sky for hours. I miss my friends a lot and the time which I had spent with them.  But I loved being part of each and every thing. I used to participate in many other cultural activities such as singing, dancing, rangoli, art, drawing and painting.

Even being in India and following an Hindu religion we have ample of festivals in a year, it seems like your whole year is accompanied with some or the other festival which we do celebrate and I have enjoyed all the festivals in a wonderful way being child. Even I used to go for swim class during my summer holidays.

Life was different when I was a kid. Memories from Childhood are the best memories ever.


A Cold Fish


I tried my best to stay away,

But that didn’t work anyway.

How about I change the talks and be clean?

And in that way I wont be mean.

I wished I found you three years back,

Then there wouldn’t be any relationship crack.

Now when things are not the way I wish,

Its good for us if I act like cold fish.


Quote of the day


We seek for faith
to aspire what we wish for,
In this materialistic world
We forget that
it already lies within


Bottom Line : We forget that we can solve half of our problems which we face in our day to day life by seeking peace within, we normally look for superficial things to help us forget what we really are and try to seek happiness. If at all we know the real meaning of happiness is within us we can achieve anything. Like wise faith lies within us be it for spiritual or for seeking peace.

– Manu