Sometimes silence is all we need to overcome the muddle feelings within us.


More to water

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My husband bought a new watch for me and it’s a fitness tracker with three months coach app, so far I am loving this app and watch as it records all my steps and sleep patterns. The coach keeps a track on my food intake and regularly interacts with me. It’s like a push to be fit and I love it already. I am positive about this and sure going to show results in one month.

The best part about this app is I can update all the food intake with pictures and coach can guide me with what to eat and what not. 😉 I have even started drinking water on regular basis. I am focused to drink 3 liters of water every day so far I can go is around 1.5 or 2 liters.

It has being three days and I have already started eating junk food due to valentines day but again back to healthy diet and sure I would like start with HIIT workout as well. I will update you soon about the results in 15days.


A Cold Fish


I tried my best to stay away,

But that didn’t work anyway.

How about I change the talks and be clean?

And in that way I wont be mean.

I wished I found you three years back,

Then there wouldn’t be any relationship crack.

Now when things are not the way I wish,

Its good for us if I act like cold fish.


Awareness about PCOS

hope-pcos-awareness-ribbon-with-butterflyDuring 2009 I started having irregular periods. I had no idea why that was happening with me, I decided to visit my family doctor and she just prescribed me some medication which will help me to get my periods back to normal for six months. That didn’t help me as without medication I never got my periods on the basis of regular cycle, so I switched another doctor and this time it was gynecologist which she had recommended. After sonography test came we came to know it was Polycystic Ovary Syndrome.

This gynecologist didn’t make me aware about what I am suffering from and just started the medications which lead to side effects in two days due to heavy dosage, so decided to stop the medication and looked for another doctor.

For next six months I was unable to find a gynecologist who would make me aware about how to overcome the irregular periods and what is exactly I am diagnosed with. Finally met a doctor who not only made me aware about what I am suffering from but also advise me how to overcome this problem. Those days I was into depression, had mood swings and hardly was able to keep up conversation with anyone.

After three months of medication with different test made a difference in my period cycle and it was slowly getting back to normal. She made me aware inner happiness is also required with medication so started meeting few friends and gradually I could see a change within me.

I came to know apart from proper medication, lifestyle has to be changed with eating right and exercise. So did I change my eating habits and stop having junk foods for a while, that did help me to gain regular periods. This is how I started reading more articles about what I am diagnosed with and how to overcome this.

And so the journey begins!

– Manu

Quote of the day


We seek for faith
to aspire what we wish for,
In this materialistic world
We forget that
it already lies within


Bottom Line : We forget that we can solve half of our problems which we face in our day to day life by seeking peace within, we normally look for superficial things to help us forget what we really are and try to seek happiness. If at all we know the real meaning of happiness is within us we can achieve anything. Like wise faith lies within us be it for spiritual or for seeking peace.

– Manu

Life experiences

Unexpected things happening these days,
never thought it would go this way.

I was wrong for things I thought and assumed,
maybe knowing more is the way I presume.

This makes me feel to move along,
I am pleased to know that I am wrong.

Some more good things I came to know,
And I am happy to know more and more.

I am excited to finally start a personal blog where I share my thoughts and experiences but was confused about the first post so shared a poem written by me which even surprises me at times.

I am describing my life with this short poem which exactly says what goes on in my life. We all experience things which are at times hard to handle and sometimes we learn a lesson and move on!  Whereas experience are always treasured as memories and shared with our loved ones.

– Manu