Mood Swings

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This is for the first time I am going to share here about the mood swings I normally face due to pcos.

I was diagnosed with pcos from past seven years and since then my life is never being the same. I had a roller coaster ride throughout these seven years. I even faced depression where I had no one to help me. I came to know through my doctor that this hormonal imbalance will cause mood swings and they will change frequently.

During this courtship of seven years I made so many new friend, where I left them or they left me due to certain circumstances. All I can say is I was trying to seek my happiness by being depend on others.

When the doctor told me I have to be happy and lead a healthy lifestyle to overcome my irregular periods. I took her words seriously thinking what am I missing in my life?  I found the reason and it was a companionship. I wanted a friend in my life who could make me happy and take care of me. I wasn’t like I was looking for dating someone but all I need was someone with whom I can share my happiness and sorrows. It wasn’t like I couldn’t take care of myself but I just wanted to share all my feelings with one person who would understand and support me.

I finally found my best friend who could understand me, support me in everything and yes I was happy. My depression and irregular periods was fading. I was happy. But it is said happiness doesn’t stay for long and so did my best friend. My only best friend made me feel like I was nothing. This lead to many mood swings and after that I tried making new friends but it hardly last for a month or two.

I could not understand what was happening with me so I isolated myself between four walls rather than meeting people. I was wrong about finding my happiness in others. This made me lonely, detached with people which made everything worse. But slowly with passing years I learned how to be emotionally self reliant. I would say it is still in process 😉 This helped me with my depression and mood swings. So I would say do whatever you love to do and seek happiness within you.  ❤ 

– Manu