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My husband bought a new watch for me and it’s a fitness tracker with three months coach app, so far I am loving this app and watch as it records all my steps and sleep patterns. The coach keeps a track on my food intake and regularly interacts with me. It’s like a push to be fit and I love it already. I am positive about this and sure going to show results in one month.

The best part about this app is I can update all the food intake with pictures and coach can guide me with what to eat and what not. 😉 I have even started drinking water on regular basis. I am focused to drink 3 liters of water every day so far I can go is around 1.5 or 2 liters.

It has being three days and I have already started eating junk food due to valentines day but again back to healthy diet and sure I would like start with HIIT workout as well. I will update you soon about the results in 15days.



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